Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thoughts on Michael Jackson's Passing Today

I’ve had trouble concentrating on writing today. I just stopped when I heard the news at 4pm. I’ve not been able to do work the rest of the day, it’s been such a shock. So, I thought I should get some of the feelings out in my blog. At least that way, I’m writing.

I’ve been in shock for the last several hours. I think of the memories and music Michael Jackson has brought, and it brings back feelings of when I heard on the news about a guy named Elvis Presley dying.

Michael is being dissed left and right on many message boards right now. However, there are a lot of positive things to say about him. I wanted to add to the memories being shared. I think the whole world has them. I wanted to join that sharing as we remember him today.

He was a true musical hero to many. I do hope he is remembered for his music and what he brought to the world. I hope most of the negativity and bad press died with him today, and he’s remembered for the music he brought to us all.

I’m going to remember him for the memories. It’s what I’ve been doing since most of the scandals started in the mid-2000s. My favorite moment is probably at the peek of “Thriller” being released. It was the Summer of 1983. There was nothing cooler than roller skating to tracks off the album when going out as a 12 year old. Yes, you can imagine the disco ball and lights playing during the roller skating. Yes, my blonde hair was feathered. And if anything like “Beat It” or “Billie Jean” came on, it was a fast skate. It was the coolest thing to grow up with. He was truly the King of Pop.

I still have the vinyl of “Thriller” in storage along with my other records. I’m glad I held onto it.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kindle Release: "The Lost Secret of Fairies"

The new Kindle version of "The Lost Secret of Fairies" was released this week.
Check it out in the Kindle store.

Here's a bit about the book:
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But like in all adventures, there are a few unanswered questions to solve. What has happened to the old Keeper? What are Germites? And can Wanda get used to her cat giving her backtalk while trying not to get grounded for helping the fairies? Join Wanda on her adventure, while she finds out that sometimes the best solution to a problem is the one you find within yourself.

"The Lost Secret of Fairies" is listed on as a paperback and now as a Kindle edition. It's listed at the bargain price now of $3.19 in the Kindle store.
Book 2, "The Lost Secret of the Green Man" is in it's final revision.
Artists are feverishly working on the cover and illustrations.
It should come out in the next few months.