Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thoughts From Germany

Having found a cyber-cafe, I can finally comment on my research adventures in Munich. I've finally adjusted to the time here, and have been traveling about the countryside. I've been to different castles and gardens, and even up an Alpine Ridge. It's amazing the clarity of thought one can have at 6,000 ft.
I've been updating my adventures at my Facebook account. Sometimes that's all I can manage when hooking up with my cell phone.

What I've found is amazing scenery, lots of friendly helpful faces, and maybe a story or two. The biggest thing I've found that helps is observation. Watching the people and the body language helps me understand beyond the German phrases, which I know little of.

Stories are everywhere. Observing a mouse scampering around the famous Augustine Beer Hall has given me an idea for a new short story. Visiting the famous Neuschwanstein Castle has given me an insight to a creative mind of a King. Braving my fear of heights and going to the top of the Untersburg made me feel on top of the world. Plus, I found some of the best research so far on the Fey, dwarves.

Wonders can be found when you travel, or at least, ideas for more stories. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for more. You never know what you can find on vacation, besides the wonderful rejuvenation of the soul.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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Monday, July 6, 2009

How Do Authors Get Their Ideas?

How do authors get their ideas? This is a hot topic of debate by readers and authors on what is the best way to get an idea. Pictures, songs, taking a walk, or just living life is a place to start. Another area is memories. If you are a children's author, your childhood memories are a starting point for many ideas. Most of all, your own backyard might be a good place to start if you're having trouble writing.

What do you remember as a kid? What did you day dream? What was a dream? That usually is the yellow brick road, remembering. Take for example one of my childhood memories. It became a large part of my book "The Lost Secret of Fairies". It seems to be a favorite of my readers as well. Maybe that is because I was a kid when I thought of it. It's my crystal cave.

As a kid, I had trouble sleeping. So I would daydream to help me fall asleep. One of the day dreams, besides secret powers, was to explore the underground crystal cave I imagined under my bedroom. It connected underneath the house to the orchard behind. The orchard was the favorite playground of the neighborhood children.

Real childhood adventures included roaming in the orchard. I use these memories to write as well. Connected to one side of the orchard was a creek. Many a summer day passed by trying to catch tadpoles and guppies. Later, we'd take our catch to be used in a home built backyard pond. Of course, we found if we used the right trash bag lining, it wouldn't leak, too much.

So, all these memories clamor to be in a story from time to time. Whether they are made-up daydreams or real adventures from childhood, many of these memories make it into my stories.

Today, the orchard is a hospital, and the house I grew up in, sold. But I was able to return home for a moment, to the hospital now upon my orchard of childhood. My niece was born there yesterday, to my sister whom I shared many adventures within the orchard. The walls of the hospital are decorated with cherry trees that still live in my memories. The adventures continue in my mind. Though the scenes might be different from book to book, the main starting point, the orchard, lives on.

Where do authors get their ideas? Living. Being a kid. If you are a kid right now, or are a kid at heart, your adventure is living. Call it research. The ideas will come to you. Keep doing that research, and go find an adventure.

Tiffany Turner is finishing her second book "The Lost Secret of the Green Man" which will be released this Fall. Her first book, "The Lost Secret of Fairies" is available on as a paperback and a Kindle Edition.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Making Your Dreams Come True

I'm an advocate for making your dreams come true. It started with the dream of going to school in Paris. I'd been taking French since I was 13. I found a way to live this dream in 1992. An abroad program through my local Jr. College made it possible. It was amazing. I highly suggest living abroad and going to school. You'll never regret it.

Next, I've been working on my dream to be a writer. This has been going on since the early 90s. I started by writing adult sci-fi/fantasy and later moved to children's fantasy stories. I joined a writing organization called the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators(SCBWI). This led to fantastic opportunities for learning the craft of writing. It also introduced me into the field of writing through the business aspect. Years later, I now have a novel out, and am working on my second.

But what happens when your run out of dreams? Mid-way through life, people have what's called a mid-life crisis. You take stock of your dreams. Have you done them all? Did you maybe forget some that you need to still try? Did you run out of dreams?

This week, I lived another dream. A dream I didn't think was possible. I kept telling myself, no, you can't. There's no way it can happen. Then it did. And it was thanks to my husband.

I am the new owner of a Mini Cooper Clubman. I'd been wanting a Mini for over 3 years after riding with a friend on a weekend get-away. She convinced me it was the coolest, most fun car I'd ever been in. Not to mention the fact I love British things, music, and even married an Englishman. This seemed like a practical dream. A Mini is a statement, not to mention complete with it's own subculture.

Now factor that I do Renaissance Faires and have started my own Ren. Acting Guild. I kept telling myself, no way, you can't own a Mini. It's too small.

Then, my husband took me on a shopping trip to meet a Clubman in my favorite color, burgundy. It's a car that has more room, folding down seats, and all the style of the Mini. It was the answer to my dreams. I can fit my stuff as a teacher and for doing faires, as well as enjoy the fact it's a Mini. I was signing the papers by the end of the day, trading in my Saturn for my new Mini.

So, when you think you're out of dreams, or you keep telling yourself they are not possible, remember, it can happen. Never give up a way to make them come true. Every time I reach one dream, another appears. And someway, I make it happen. Don't give them up. Keep those dreams coming. It is what makes life, interesting.

Tiffany Turner is finishing her second book in her Crystal Keeper Series. The first book, "The Lost Secret of Fairies" is available as a paperback and Kindle Edition on