Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just Released: Second Book in Crystal Keeper Series

It's here! The second book of the Crystal Keeper Chronicles was just released. "The Lost Secret of the Green Man" takes Wanda into the new realms of friendship.

Wanda tells it how it is.
"My closest friend had been Michelle. We'd been buds since Kindergarten, and then she moved away last summer. Sometimes I'd email her, but it wasn't the same as talking in real time. The fairies kept me from being totally lonely, but sometimes a Crystal Keeper needs other friends, human friends."

Here's a Quick Summary:
Who's got time for homework when your problems involve evil sorcerers? Wanda should be studying for a quiz, avoiding the bullies at her new school and living a normal tweenage life. But, she is called upon once more to be a savior of the fairies, a protector of the fey, a Crystal Keeper. Bees are dying, fairies are missing and nobody knows why.

Wanda and her new friend, Edina, visit a crystal store to search for clues. They read about the Green Man, a forest king who Wanda thinks could be the key to solving the mystery. But, when a unicorn appears in her bedroom, the mystery just seems to deepen. Perhaps by asking the right questions, she can find the answer to the crisis. Or will she just end up in peril herself?

Crystal Cluster"The Lost Secret of the Green Man" can be purchased at and at Barnes and Both the paperback and a new hardback edition are available. Ebook editions will be available soon.