Thursday, February 21, 2008

Progress of Second Book

Well, I've been working on the second book, "The Lost Secret of the Green Man". I've finished Chapter 3, and have been working with a critique group through the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators to get some feedback. Plus, I'm heading to a Writers Conference this weekend hosted by the local chapter of SCBWI. This group helped me get started on my writing path. All the feedback and support I get from conferences is unmeasurable.

I even had a spirit journey workshop help give me ideas on how Wanda will travel the fairy paths in the next book. Dare I say unicorn? Plus, there will be help from Brewford, her opinionated cat. And the questions about school, and what new path might lead Wanda are starting to come together. A new character being introduced, another Crystal Keeper Wanda's age named Edina, is adding a whole new perspective on the book. Now, Wanda is no longer alone.

What adventures will they be up to? I'll be posting more hints as they come about into chapters. Until then, try to follow your own path, where ever it may lead you.