Monday, March 8, 2010

Things Can Only Get Better

Today I went on rainbow hunt. I didn't intend to. But with all the rain in California, I wasn't really surprised when I looked up and saw a rainbow across the sky. I took a moment to admire, and then remembered my smartphone.

Just taking a breath and gazing at a rainbow can give a new perspective. It's like a promise from the devine.

I happily get in my car and tolerate the rain. I know that things are bad, but are they that bad? I have my health. I have a job. I have a home. These things I might have taken for granted if not for the last year.

I've seen friends loose jobs and some go through major health issues. I've had family issues and friend issues. I'm just happy that though I have a job and work longer hours, at least I have one. But really. It has to get better than this.

I've never seen our country this downtrodden. I've heard about it from other generations, the Great Depression, the Great War. But these were mostly my grandparent's challenges. The Cold War, Nuclear War, and the Great Quake, these were things I grew up with as challenges. They were the problems of my parent's generation.

For my generation, what happened? I've done the right things. I went to college, got a career and got married. Isn't that in a Talking Heads song? "Same as it ever was; same as it ever was. Same as it ever was!"

The rain came pounding down as I turn the corner to my little home in the Silicon Valley, namely a condo. I thought, there's got to be a rainbow somewhere. It was a positive thought through the downpour. I got to my turn to the complex and looked up. The biggest, brightest rainbow was in front of me. Towering over my home was a sign of hope.

It can only get better. There it was. Another true sign. Images of Noah and the ark came to my mind. Rainbows, the sign of good things to come, and two in one day. Something has got to happen. Things can only get better.