Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reflections Before My Knighting

In just a few days, I will be knighted within the Renaissance Faire World in California. This is a great honor within the Renaissance Community. It makes me a "Dame", a lady of honor with others that also participate in faire. But what does it mean? Is it real?
To a person being knighted, yes it is real. It's a way to be rewarded for helping out in a Renaissance Acting Guild. It is part of acting and entertaining the public, but it also is a way to recognize people that do this as a hobby, and in a way, have made it our lives. Truly, being First Lady in Waiting to Mary, Queen of the Scots is rewarding. I present children to meet the Queen at Faire. It is a wonder to see their faces light up. But it is also a fabulous way to do research. I have had to do a lot of digging around for information on Mary's Ladies in Waiting, and how woman lived in the Renaissance. Yeah, I smell a future book too, maybe a YA book. But I feel I need to add a few books to my Crystal Keeper Series first.

Renaissance faire, as a hobby, is a great way to get away from it all. I get fresh air, exercise, and get rid of extra stress. I've noticed lots of weight dropping from my waist. Pictures from 3 years ago when I started show a dramatic change. I look younger, skinny, and happy. I think it's the best way to face off the age of 40.

So, as I approach my knighting, I check to see if I've made enough favors for my friends that are participating. I double check the list, look at my brand new gown made for the occasion. I make sure my heraldry shield is packed. I think that is the surprising thing of all. Finding how much I've learned about my heritage. I found Scottish, Irish and Welsh blood flows in my veins. I've gotten my family tartan made into an arisaid. An arisaid is a traditional way to wear a kilt for a woman, with less yardage and drapped as a half skirt. It is worn over a gown or dress. These things are reasons to celebrate this weekend. I look forward to kneeling at Woodland Scottish Games this weekend, at 3pm, ready to except this honor.

And thinking upon this, I'm proud to be writing the next book in my series to be including Irish Heritage, the legend of the Green Man. Faire gave me the idea to use heritage and legends to teach in my stories. Each book in the Crystal Keeper series will be focusing on an area and it's legends. The second book will be Ireland, the third book Hawaii, and the fourth book will be a focus upon Ancient Egyptian Legends. Of course, being a teacher, I can't help to teach. Maybe that is why I spend my weekends teaching history and my week days teaching 3rd graders.

If you live near Sacramento, CA, the Woodland Scottish Games will take place at the Yolo County Faire Grounds on April 26th. I will be knighted on Sat. at 3 pm in the Living History Section. The tartan I wear proudly salutes my Hall Family heritage. I would be honored to have any fans or readers attend.