Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Putting Things Into Perspective

Nothing like being sick to get you to sit down and take a look at your life. Thing is, most of the time I'm trying to avoid this by doing all the things I want to do. Then your body does something that makes you not avoid that taking gets sick. Then you're stuck on the couch with nothing but time to think about where you are in life.
Not to mention, time to watch the whole first season of Project Runway again that happens to be rerun in the afternoon of said sickness.
So, after seeing Austin and Jay pretend fight after Austin getting into Pg. 6 in the Post, I'm thinking, well later Jay wins. Austin is augh'ed at about 4th place and doesn't make it to the top 3 for fashion week. But he is on another show advertised called The Real Housewives of Orange County picking out wedding dresses. I actually LOVE Austin's fashion sense and old movies like he does. So I think he's a great pick. Which goes to show, you don't have to win to get the edge. There is no certain way.
Malan Breton, another fav. project runway designer of mine, was only on two shows, and then was augh'ed. But I think he is one of the most popular from last season, and doing fabulous with his own line of fashion. There isn't any one way to do something. Just you're own story. Just the way for you.
It's like all the people who went to the famous store in Hollywood to be discovered. That worked for one person. Then everyone else was trying it.
Then, back to getting to my perspective on things, the whole train of thought leads to what I'm doing. My book is out. I've got it out so it can be purchased, and into the hands of children. Now, it's time to really get the word out there. Print to order is the future since I think in the next 20 years books are going to go more digital or the option of hard cover or ebook.
Going around the regular way of doing things is becoming more of an option. If Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak hadn't been rejected by IBM and started Apple, would the internet be the way it is today? Personal computers are common place, in our hands, mobile. So, I self-published which got my book out there. I'm not waiting years to start getting my story to children, it's there now. And later, I'll know numbers to show if necessary.
But it's there.
I've tried the program which is a wonderful way to promote reading and make it fun looking for books. I used to do High Tech PR so when I feel better, or even later during the Xmas break, I'm going to try to write a press kit for my book. I'm having to do it all on my own, but it is making me realize who I am as a writer.

People were excited to sign my book this weekend. Especially when I could tell them the cross streets of where the orchard, a main setting in the book, used to be. The cross streets are Lawrence and Homestead, where the new Kaiser Hospital is now, in Santa Clara, CA. That was the orchard I played in as a child, creek walked in the creek nearby, and had in general kid adventures. I even talked with another vendor at the Holiday Boutique about growing up in the Silicon Valley with its orchards. Most are gone. And the ones left over are being turned into park/landmarks. So, again, I'm proud that my book has captured that Kid Adventure that some of today's kids might be missing out on.
Not to mention the local history angle of my book is a good sell too. It is a start to ideas for the press pack.
I've got a writing conference in February that should help with getting ideas to sell myself and my book. Which brings me to a theme of the Crystal Keeper series: BELIEVE.
I've been signing, "Keep believing in fairies" as my author signature. Maybe that's it. The world needs something to believe in. Fairies are a good place to start.
Keep believing everyone, in yourself and fairies. It is what makes them real. It makes you what you are as well. Just believe in yourself and your story. Only you can tell it.

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